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Owner Rik Wilson, Former Pro NHL Hockey Player and St. Louis Blues Defenseman Welcomes You to the Ultimate Sports Training Center in St. Louis


Power Play Performance Sports Training offers sports training with personal attention to give athletes of all ages the results they are looking for from their sports training program Whether it’s to improve speed, flexibility, strength, agility, fitness, or proper nutrition, the staff at Power Play offers real training with real results.  Take a tour of our expanded training facilities

Everyone has different fitness goals. Our certified athletic trainers will help you to reach your goals. Check out Lynn’s story for proof that age doesn’t matter. Her goal was to compete in the Senior Olympics and win. Or maybe it’s the goal of winning the Stanley Cup. Brandon Bollig did just that and is the first St. Louisan to hold that honor.

Welcome to Power Play Performance Sports TrainingAs a former NHL defenseman and St. Louis Blues player, owner, Rik Wilson knows what it takes to compete as a professional athlete. Rik was a first round draft pick by the St. Louis Blues and was twelfth overall in the entry draft.

Hockey is a demanding sport, requiring speed, aerobic conditioning, strength and agility, not to mention an instinct to follow the puck. All of these skills and talents Rik brings to his sports training.

From an early age Rik was always passionate about personal fitness, nutrition and strength training. His passion and dedication to fitness has continued by forming Power Play Personal Training and helping people of all ages improve their game and overall health.

Injuries are a part of sports. That’s why it’s important to emphasize the importance of strength and weight training as a vital part of a sports training program. The goal is to prevent injuries as much as possible. Building a solid core and having the proper weight training program is crucial. After all, if you get hurt, you can’t play, right?

Power Play Personal Training has been helping athletes improve their performance since 1993. Due to the growth in the sports training part of our business, we’ve dedicated this website exclusively to sports training.

We’ve helped thousands of athletes perfect their game in sports like: lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, swimming, tennis, wrestling, track and field, baseball, football, basketball and soccer.

Official Trainer for St. Louis Jr. BluesOfficial Trainers for St. Louis Frontenacs


We are proud to be the official trainers for the St. Louis Jr. Blues the St. Louis Frontenacs.

Rik has over 90,000 hours of personal training from 9-90 year olds. His one-on-one approach puts the personal in personal training. Check out what makes us different from the rest. View a sample client roster.

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