Demand for Better Conditioned Athletes Means More Competition
We Offer a Competitive Edge

At Power Play Performance Sports Training, we offer sports training that emphasizes fitness training, strength training, weight training, speed training and flexibility. With the growing demand for better conditioned athletes, the competition level has been elevated as well.

Junio rBlues Weight TrainingWe have been conditioning athletes for years. We have had numerous NHL draft picks, Div 1 College, OHL as well as Jr. Leagues, AAA and pro’s – all competing at higher levels.

Our other sports training consists of: Football, basketball, baseball, field hockey, soccer, water polo, and golf. We have programs for everyone – even people wanting to compete in the Senior Olympics.

With “so-called” sports training facilities opening and closing their doors, you can count on Power Play Personal Training to be around for a long time. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today:

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