You’re Never Too Old to Have St. Louis Sports Training Senior Olympics Champion
and Achieve Your Fitness Goals



Lynn has enjoyed her fitness strength training at Power Play Personal Training for several years. But she decided to take her weight training to a competitive level. Lynn set a goal to break the existing records at the Senior Olympics Weight Lifting Competition.   The competition categories were: Bench Press, Leg Press and Bicep Curl. Lynn met her sports training goal of winning all categories, breaking and setting new records.


New Record – 165 Pounds Bench Press
New Record – 6oo Pounds Leg Press
New Record – 90 Pounds Bicep Curl
s. Bicep Curl


Lynn is a perfect example of how becoming more fit gave her the inspiration to compete at a higher level and set a goal. Not everyone will want to enter a competition like Lynn, but it’s very important for women to get involved with some form of strength training to help improve bone density and prevent bone loss due to aging and osteoporosis.

It’s never too late to start an exercise and strength training program. Our clients range from age 9-90. We take great care in insuring proper training, maximum results and preventing and working around sports injuries.

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