We Stress the Importance of Weight and Strength Training
to Increase Power and Reduce Injury

Strength and weight training are two vital keys many times overlooked in a well-rounded sports training program.  While speed and endurance are important, strength training  increases an athlete’s overall power and at the same time helps prevent injury. Too many Strength Trainingtimes the emphasis is put on just speed. What people don’t realize is how much strength will improve speed.

Watch our professional clients in strength and endurance. Watch our youth training in agility and footwork.

We believe in a proven approach that focuses on fitness, strength, endurance, speed and flexibility or really, mobility. We specialize in athletic training for all ages in every sport: hockey, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, water polo, running, tennis, baseball.

From years of playing professional hockey, owner Rik Wilson knows first-hand that injuries are a part of sports. That’s why it’s important to emphasize the importance of weight and strength training as a vital part of a sports training program. The goal is to prevent injuries as much as possible.

The word routine is used a lot in talking about fitness or weights, but our weight and strength training program is anything but routine. In order to maintain and build muscle strength, exercises need to be changed up to produce on-going results. At Sports Training St. Louis and Power Play Personal Training we have years of experience understanding how the body works and how muscles respond to training.

“We don’t have a one size fits all training program. Everyone is unique. While there are clear fundamentals to any sports training, we take into consideration each person’s age, level of fitness and health. We devise a plan to produce maximum results for each individual.”

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