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Power Play Performance Sports Training expanded its facilities to meet the needs of athletes, sports teams, high schools and colleges  who already counted on Power Play to provide the on-going conditioning and excellence required to perform at an optimum level.

Our expanded turf area provides many opportunities for cardio, agility training and strength conditioning. Click on each picture to see a larger view.

Our Expanded Turf AreaResistence and Endurance Cardio TrainingRope Cardio trainingAgility Training


We offer many machines and free weights to build strength, endurance and improve flexibility. The key to effective training is to offer lots of variety in an athletic training program. The machines, weights and customized workout plans offered by our personal trainers give our clients the maximum results that they wish to achieve. Click on each picture to see a larger view.

Free WeightsFitness and Weight MachinesUsing Machines and the BodyFree Weights and Machines


Power Play Official Trainers for the St. Louis Jr. Blues

Official Trainer for St. Louis Jr. Blues

St. Louis Frontenacs

Official Trainers for St. Louis Frontenacs