Power Play Performance Sports Training is proud of all of our athletes of all ages. Our goal is to help athletes improve their performance, strength, agility, speed, perseverance and confidence. Always stressing the importance of results, we receive validation from our dedication to help others when we receive such great testimonials like these.

Power Play is the elite performance training center in St. Louis. It speaks for itself that countless professional and collegiate athletes train here in the off season to prepare themselves. Power Play is a large reason why I am where I am today.

Brandon Bolling
Stanley Cup Champion
Chicago Blackhawks


Powerplay is the supreme gym to train at. hey Not only train you physically, but also mentally. If it wasn’t for PowerPlay, I wouldn’t be on the wrestling team.

Matt “The Schlaf” Schlafly


The Powerplay team has what it takes to take any dedicated athlete to the next level. They tailored workouts to my specific needs and greatly increased my overall athletic ability.

Tyler Fisher
American University Div 1 Soccer


Power Play is the best training center in St. Louis. It trains the best athletes in St. Louis from Bollig, Janssen and all the up-coming college kids. Power Play has got me where I am today.

Pat Maroon
Anaheim Ducks


Power Play has been a part of my life since 6th grade. I think I’ve kept coming back for so long because I cannot imagine another place that works you out this hard and could give you such fantastic results. Under Power Play’s guidance, SLUH has won 4, count them, 4 straight JV Championships! Talk about results!

Parker Pence


Power Play has changed my hockey game completely. It has made me faster and bigger. When I go into the corners, I win most battles now. I love Power Play!

Kyle Meeh


Power Play has given me the strength mentally and physically to never quit on anything on or off the ice especially if I get tired or fatigued. Never give up and win the battle!

Tommy Lange “Langer”


With the help of Power Play, I have evolved into a better player. I am always one of the strongest players on the rink.

Brycon “Beefy B”


Power play has given me the power and explosiveness to play with confidence on the ice. That’s how I made team USA and became an inspiration for many.

Luke Opilka “Captain America”




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