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Our difference at Power Play Personal Training St. Louis is our emphasis on helping our clients perfect their sport by building a firm foundation based on strength.Coaches and trainers many times put too much emphasis on speed and flexibility and not enough emphasis on strength and mobility.Strength gives power to the speed. Mobility rather than flexibility gives the movement to the joints. If strength is not put into the mix, injuries can happen very easily.
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We incorporate this strength training using a variety of activities that mirror the particular sport that our client is training for. It’s not just about weight training in the traditional sense of machines and barbells. While we use weights and machines as part of the training, we focus on mimicking movement that is used in the sport. We use a lot of routines that incorporate balance and motion.We don’t have a one size fits all training program.
We Are Careful Working With Youth

Everyone is Unique

While there are clear fundamentals to any sports training, we take into consideration each person’s age, level of fitness and health. We devise a plan to produce maximum results for each individual.

We have helped younger clients prepare for moving into higher levels. We also train clients who play at AAA, college and the professional level.

We do our best to condition our athletes to help them to avoid injuries. When an injury does happen, we are well versed in sports injuries and help our clients with rehabilitation and alternative ways to continue to build strength.

Proper training involves proper nutrition. We can help in determining the best program to enhance performance, gain muscle and lose body fat.

We take great care with all of our sports training clients, especially being mindful of youth and their stages of development. We’ve worked with thousands of young people starting out and continuing their athletic pursuits.

Power Play Personal Training St. Louis has been around since 1993 training athletes in all level of sports be it youth, junior, college or professional. In that time we’ve seen a lot of “so-called” sports training facilities come and go.


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