We Specialize in Youth Sports Training for: Youth Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Football and All Sports

Power Play Personal Training St. Louis works with thousands of young athletes to help them improve their fitness, strength, speed, endurance, co-ordination and overall conditioning for their particular sport. We specialize in athletic training for youth:  hockey training,  soccer training, speed training, field hockey, lacrosse, track and field, water polo, running, tennis, baseball, flexibility and overall sports fitness.

We have helped younger clients prepare for moving into higher levels. We also train clients play at AAA, college and professional level. Here is an example of some of our youth in action.

We take great care with all of our sports training clients, especially being mindful of youth and their stages of development. We’ve worked with our young clients through all stages of their athletic careers and enjoy watching them go from just starting out to  continuing  their athletic pursuits.

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Power Play Official Trainers for the St. Louis Jr. Blues

Official Trainer for St. Louis Jr. Blues

St. Louis Frontenacs

Official Trainers for St. Louis Frontenacs